Are you honest with your friends?

I am wondering what is important for you. This week I listen to the songs I have in my heart, the songs that I cannot listen to without singing them. Today is time to talk about honesty. Since my adolescence, this lonely word has been very important to me. It is not easy to find truthfulness, especially now that everybody wants to display the image of perfection on social networks. A long time ago I went to a Billy Joël’s concert in Vancouver, I know I already sang his song Honesty every time I heard it; it is strange how I feel like singing when something sounds really true to me. I still do, because I still wish people would be more honest. Honesty is not always the easiest path to follow, however I feel like Billy, I don’t want pretty face to tell me pretty lies. I don’t like hypocrisy; I can feel it through the words. Maybe I am a dreamer, maybe I am still a teenager in my head, maybe I am a bit candid, anyway as Walt Disney said All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.


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